R&D Center

365bet体育 Talent is basis of enterprise development.Rely on one of yuanda science zone core research institute-yuanda technical&electrical research insititue, talent accumulation and technology advance at research,yuanda always keep join fully with internation advanced technology level.We consider science innovation as internal power of enterprise development.

●Yuanda science zone is a well-know holding group----the International production service  public platform that Shenyang yuanda enterprise group manage to create. 

●Gathering four section professional technical talent power conclude foreign experts,local,stranger and returnee  at manufacture base,Yuanda science zone take lead to carry out separation of science research and industry operation and separated market operation. 

●Yuanda science and technology park creatively make knowloge property owned by company,income personalization and owned by all research staff.To develop  science and technology as thinking of public service platform.Beside providing technical research for ourself,we also provide service of  relelant technology such as cousultation to other enterprise.We really achieved the goal that technology lead market,reengineering of manufacturing and creaing source of north east technology.

365bet体育 ● We have the largest technoloty research base in Norheast of China.Science and technology show the Chinese power.Our object--developing future market.